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11.3.3 Scheduled User’s Job Execution

The (gnu home services mcron) module provides an interface to GNU mcron, a daemon to run jobs at scheduled times (see GNU mcron). The information about system’s mcron is applicable here (see Scheduled Job Execution), the only difference for home services is that they have to be declared in a home-envirnoment record instead of an operating-system record.

Scheme Variable: home-mcron-service-type

This is the type of the mcron home service, whose value is an home-mcron-configuration object. It allows to manage scheduled tasks.

This service type can be the target of a service extension that provides additional job specifications (see Service Composition). In other words, it is possible to define services that provide additional mcron jobs to run.

Data Type: home-mcron-configuration

Data type representing the configuration of mcron.

mcron (default: mcron)

The mcron package to use.


This is a list of gexps (see G-Expressions), where each gexp corresponds to an mcron job specification (see mcron job specifications in GNU mcron).